“We wouldn’t be into  DIGINT if it was easy.”

Digital Intelligence Group is a young organization that combines enthusiasm and guts with the clever use of digital means. This enables us to come up with solutions for problems that most other parties aren’t even aware of today. Digital Intelligence Group attempts to be a bridge between the technological needs of government parties and fast technological developments in the commercial world. One of the ways we do this, is by rapidly exchanging knowledge and strategies with technology startups, specialists, and other parties.

By thinking along with our clients and rapidly delivering practical solutions, we aim to be full-blown partners, instead of box-shoveling suppliers.

We take confidentiality seriously: all  our employees have been screened and vetted, and sensitive data remains safely in place through the use of strict internal security policies.

Our mission: to enable our clients to be better prepared than their counterparts in the digital domain.

We do this by focusing on three areas:


An internet investigation can get too big or complex even for large organizations. That is why we perform internet investigations and research for a select number of customers. During these investigations, we use our technical and intelligence knowledge to answer the investigate questions of our clients.


Sharing knowledge is multiplying it: Our instructors are chosen not just because of their experience and knowledge, but also for their ability to transfer knowledge. The insights they procure during their investigations are integrated in our training.


Our students not only provide us with an insight about the needs of our clients, but they also show us their interests and directions. This, combined with our own needs that arise during our investigations, enables us to create products that we are proud of: they may not be for the masses, but they are exactly what our clients want.